That's Fiddlestix. He shows up at the start of act 2, and he is the avatar of Barry's mistrust around his wife. Remember that Barry is the author of his own world, so when he feels uncomfortable expressing his concerns of infidelity around his wife, he manifests a cynical, anthropomorphic cat that can say the things he doesn't. But now I'm getting ahead of myself! I'll tell you all about Barry and his world in just a minute, but if you are sure that you want to go all in on spoilers for this very dark, heavy, sad, weird, work of illustrated storytelling on the web, then click HERE to see how things go for ol' Fiddlestix, then hit us on twitter with the #FullyOnboard

Welcome Aboard.

This is your captain speaking. We're about to go on a really weird journey that uses the ancient art of storytelling with the modernest of technology to create an immersive narrative experience. It's going to be funny, sad, interactive, innovative, and a little bit weird (really weird, honestly).


Barry’s World is a work of fiction in the genre of Transmedia Storytelling

The story is revealed in real time over the course of 3 months, with new content presented 2-5 times per week. Content is primarily presented through the CTOB blog feed. A variety of social media accounts also support the narrative.

The implication of Barry's World is that he is a real person who exists in our world and creates comics about his real life, which he then presents through CTOB. However, *final spoiler warning* there is no Barry Melon. He is a fictional character who straddles reality by telling stories about his wife, career, and life (all of which are fictional) but also interacts with me (by spitting in my coffee, like most of my employees) as well as the fans and readers of this website. That's YOU.


Our Super Adventure

Totemans's World

2 Angry Men

Cynical Stu 

So that is the premise of our story. Barry Melon (fictional person) has been hired by me (a real person with fictional tendencies) to make comics and write blogs for Now let’s get into some spoilers:

Barry is, at times, an unsympathetic character.

Barry’s World is a character study. Barry Melon is a deeply flawed man. He is ungrateful for his wife-- who otherwise seems to be gentle, loving, attentive, and generous-- because is full of anger and resentment towards a world which he feels is leaving him behind without ever giving him a fair chance to live out more ambitious dreams.

At the onset of the story, his relationship is in mortal danger and he seems to be oblivious to it. As it falls apart, his artwork is increasingly fueled by his growing anger and fear. He soon experiences betrayal and abandonment and finds himself in existential free fall. 

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