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Hello Barstool Team-

Welcome to my pitch for Barstool West Coast, a new vertical which would see the brand return to the West Coast with an outpost in San Francisco. 

LA is a dump. San Francisco is the cultural hub of California. LA is just the port from which California ships it's chief export: bullshit. SF is where everything exciting is happening in Cali. 

As opposed to the downtown Manhattan flagship and the Indiana dream factory, West Coast will be operated out of my shitty home office; a 120 square foot space which includes my art studio, podcasting space, 4 cannabis plants in a grow tent, and a Mr. Beer. I'll also work out of San Francisco's schmaltzy coffee shops and wifi enabled public spaces as I generate content and expand the Barstool brand with contacts in cities such as San Diego, Denver, and Portland. Then we'll build it out #brickbybrick. 

I'm a long time Stoolie who swapped coasts 10 years ago.

My name is Bo McGee. I was born and raised in Marshfield, Massachusetts, went to BC High, did 2 years at Fairfield U in Connecticut then dropped out. I moved back home and spent 2 shitty years doing a shitty job.  

On a whim, I moved to San Francisco in 2004 and reinvented myself. Started going by Bo instead of Bobby (which is the name my momma gave me- Bobby McGee). I started blogging, got into the local arts scene as an illustrator, and started writing and producing short films. I wasn't into being a "starving artist" though, so I also started growing weed. It's all panned out pretty nicely for ol' Bo.  

I blog on illustration and cannabis based on my extensive professional and personal experience with both. These are 2 subjects that have a lot of appeal to Barstool's audience which are not currently covered heavily on the site. I also like to talk on the the NFL, soccer, tech, and pro wrestling. 

I'm funny and friendly, but sometimes I play the heel. 

I'm kind of a jackass. I can get really loud, animated, and agitated when talking about a wide variety of subjects. "I'm not yelling!" is practically my catchphrase. I'm often called a blowhard. I am a moderate/agnostic and I love to jabber about religion and politics. I can sit on the fence and antagonize anyone who takes a position on anything. I know that I am chronically oppositional, and I like it. 

I hate the NFL. I have been a fan for my entire life and now I am trying to give it up, but I am an addict. I am a big time brain injury guy. I had a gnarly brain injury about 5 years ago. I also have some really close family who are dealing with brain injuries and illnesses. I've found myself really close to the issue, and it is undeniable that playing football is very bad for your brain. The NFL, NCAA, Pop Warner- these are evil organizations that profit of needlessly endangering the brains of young men.

I hate the hierarchical power structure of it all too. Not a frat guy. Big time individual thinker. If you tell me that you think Colin Kaepernick is a hero, I'm going to tell you that all of those young boys followed Jerry Sandusky into the shower so they could grow up to be just like their favorite quarterback. 

Still, I love pro wrestling. You can call me a hypocrite for that, and cite Benoit, but you're wrong. 

I've also got a great story about watching last year's Super Bowl in a bar full of lesbians. 

I like to spend a few weeks every year in Bolivia.

I married a chick from the Andes and she knocked me into Bolivian. True story. We've gone down a few times between cannabis growing seasons and spent time with her family in La Paz. The picture in the header is the view from a friend's apartment.

Bolivia is an intriguing country and a great place to make content. I'd like to take Francis and Donnie down there and stuff them full of hallucinogenic cactus. 


Check out a few of my favorite recent blogs... 

If you like them, please feel free to e-mail me at or use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

#VivaLaStool #GoPresGo

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I'm an Instagram guy. That's where you find anything relevant to weed, cannabis, and Frisco. 

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