Yes he can!

Issue 2 is looking dope. Great articles, cool transmedia stuff. Less stuff than issue 1, but better. Better content and better presented. We're getting better at this and it's a blast.

We're surging most of the content for issue 2, and trailing a few items in the next few weeks. Then, we're shifting to a bit slower and steadier stream of content distribution. We're also starting production efforts on multiple Episodic Transmedia StoryTelling pieces. ETST. Keep an eye out for it kids. It's gonna be fucking huge. 

Back to building. See you soon.


Back at the Desk!

CheckThisOutBabe lives. It survived the birthing process and it is thriving. It is hungry and it eats and it grows.

Took 2 weeks after Issue 1 dropped and took an untethered walk in inner-space. I came upon some really cool stuff out there too. Randy Sledge. You're gonna love him.

But first, you're going to love Issue 2. It's got new content and new features. Back and badder than ever.


-Bo the Builder.

(can he build it?)

Home Stretch

Christmas has come and gone and that means that the only thing I've got left in my queue to is to publish a bad ass website on January 1st. We've got a lot of awesome momentum right now, due largely to Maria's marketing expertise. I have a very short to-do list of tweaks and touches to the site before launch day which is good, because I also don't have a ton of time.

Thanks to all of the beta-testers who have been helping to get this thing fine tuned and looking crisp. I'm really happy with the design of the site right now. You may have noticed the Beta is now gone, in it's place a wanting hole. 

OK- I'm about to put a polish on #SinglePointPerspective, then cross some more shit off this list.

Choo choo.


Style tweeking on the beta.

Dropped just a little bit of color into the site today. We've got Bear Flag red and green on top of some fog grey. Trying to be a little bit less black and white in the design.

Format on the articles looks ok. Content is way beefier on issue 1. It's gonna blow your mind.

Keep checking back frequently, I'll be working on the site a lot for the next few days.

Beta version is live and Beta testers are out there...

Yo Beta Testers-

There is a small group of you out there now. Thanks for giving us some love and helping get this thing ready for 1/1.

The Beta should look pretty close (format wise) to the goal so please holler out any feedback that comes up for you.

This is the workflow for issue 1, on the "You, Me & Us" board:

Begin Again

CTOB Phase 3.

I think this is Phase 3. It might be phase 4, or 5, or 2, or 28. Hard to say. It changes so often. But this feels like an epoch, a generational shift. It feels like it's going to be a hit too. 

If you're reading this, you've been invited to check out Issue 0 (that's my comic-nerd way of not calling my beta test a beta test). Thanks for checking it out, babes. Please use the comments section to hit me up with thoughts or feedback all over the site. Issue 1 goes live 1/1/15.

The goal of this version is to create a more curated usership experience for the consumer. The elevator pitch is "An illustrated arts and culture blogazine". User interface is meant to replicate the magazine experience. Content is focused on the art and culture of illustration, and naturally contains a lot of visual art.

Issues will drop once per month (or so) starting January 1. Reading this blogazine is something to do with your iPad when you're hung over. You can flip through the pages (content, articles... not sure how to name them) and read long form fiction and essays, examine the illustrations, watch some videos, listen to the podcast, and engage with the whole piece at your leisure over the course of a lazy afternoon.