The 4 Critical Tenets of CheckThisOutBabe

1. Make and share stuff that is awesome with people that are cool. 

One of the earliest motivating factors for creating art (after raw creative expression) is creating an opportunity for validation. Starting with my parents and brothers, then friends and classmates, I've always been wagging a drawing under someone's nose, telling them "check this out". That might sound needy or self-centered (and it may be) but it's just a part of the process. A tremendous moment of validation arrives for an artist when the viewer sets eyes on their work for the first time, and it stops becoming a singular experience of expression and becomes a communal experience of understanding. 

All of the people that I mentioned are the "babe"s (my girlfriend and business partner, Maria Mealla, is my capital "B" Babe). They are the people that I enjoy making smile, and sometimes provoking. That is the most basic function of this website, and so that is our first critical tenet. 

  1. Assume that every one that is reading is cool.
  2. Steer clear of stuff that is lame. 

2. Explore the storytelling potential of new media.

Every new platform is a potential storytelling device, and new platforms show up daily. People are writing novels on Instagram. Medium, Fold, and Inkling. The selfie. 

I love illustration. It is an art form that is created when words and pictures coalesce. The best illustrations aren't just the most skillfully drawn or the most cleverly written, but the ones that most effectively utilize words and pictures to tell a story, make a point, or share an experience.

With all due respect to the great Gary Larson.

With all due respect to the great Gary Larson.

I want to keep getting better at that until I can't draw anymore. 

  1. Learn from every effort and do it better next time. 
  2. Every time a new technology, format, or platform is introduced, we should ask ourselves "How can I use this to tell a story?"

3. Do Good/Be good.

  1. Enjoy the creative process. 
  2. Maintain an organized workflow. This is the anvil.
  3. Appreciate the tools in your hands. Whether you're using the DJI Phantom 2 or a GraphGear 1000 Pentel pencil, honor it by using it to its fullest potential. It is your hammer
  4. Enjoy the quiet inner journey of solitude. Enjoy the confluence  of thoughts, ideas, and passions that occurs in a good collaboration. These are the sparks that are thrown off when the anvil starts getting hot. Advance aggressively on your artistic journey until you arrive at the altar, where your anvil erupts with fiery molten streams of metaphysical thermo-plasma. Stay at the altar as long as it will have you and be grateful for it's generosity for you are not worthy. 
  5. Don't procrastinate on any task that takes less than 1 minute to accomplish.
  6. Visiting should be a fun experience. 
  7. Don't be mean.
  8. Support good storytelling. 

4. Make Money.

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