Check this out babe. 

I dug these out of an old sketchbook recently. I also mapped out the whole scene in which the "Bear Jew" (Jew Bear) beats those Nazi's over the head with a baseball bat, but I don't think it's something I'll ever really try to complete. But I think I will slap some digital ink and paint on these guys and maybe try to punch them up into character posters sometime soon(er or later).


Lt. Kermit "The Apache" Frog.

Kermit frequently faces death in the Muppet movies. I think he's a great fit for the leading man and I'd love to see him do his happy Kermit dance (mouth open, head back, shaking with laughter) after scalping a Kraut.



Sgt. Fozzy Fozzowitz, "The Jew Bear"

"I'm Teddy FUCKING Ballgame! Wocka wocka wocka!" 

The Jew Bear is an absolute no-brainer. Also, was Fozzy legit supposed to be Jewish? And do the Muppets have a god? Whoa, I'm going too far down a rabbit hole right now, babe.

Waldorf and Statler and Hitler 

Again, total no-brainer. Waldorf, Statler, and Muppet Adolf Hitler hanging out in the balcony, cracking wise throughout the whole movie until they get burned alive.


You know what you call an idea like this, babe? You call it a license to print money. I need to get on the phone with Tarantino and Henson, pronto. Then I need to start lining up some flashy guest stars. I've got Gonzo and some chickens going behind enemy lines, trying to free Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, and John Stewart from a concentration camp before they're sent off to face Dr. Mengele (Neil Patrick Harris).

License to print money, babe.