Let me tell you why I'm the guy to bring Barstool to the West Coast

Yo Pres, Erika, et al-

I’ve put this page together to show you why I should be the man to bring Barstool back to the West Coast.

My name is Bo McGee. I was born and raised in Marshfield, Mass, and I moved to San Francisco almost 15 years ago. I’ve been a Stoolie for years, I started reading around the time Pres and Big Cat did the pizza/burrito challenge and I’ve been a loyal #gopresgo guy ever since.

I can provide blog coverage on comics and cannabis.

These are 2 large niches which are currently under-represented by Barstool. I have significant, real life experience in both realms, as well as blogging experience.

I’m a real comic book guy.

I write and market my own comics through GoodAtDrawing.com, and I take them to comic conventions all over the Bay Area. At these conventions, I keep seeing people who would love to be fans of Barstool Sports, but they don’t even know it yet. They are working class people with deep loyalty to their region and a variety of brands, but Barstool hasn’t reached them yet. I can bring it to them and they’ll be Stoolies for life.

I’d like to bring comics to Barstool, and create more fictional video content.

Barstool started out as a newspaper (#brickbybrick) so it’s time it finally had a comics page.


I also believe that I can develop a web series for Barstool. Check out The Push Hard Inn, I think it’s a formula that works. What if the main character were a blogger? A show about a young bro in SF trying to life the blog life could connect with Barstool’s target audience and organically integrate the brand.

I’m also a pretty legit pot grower.

I’ve grown for schmaltzy indoor cannabis start ups, illegal outdoor guerrilla grows, and everything in between. I’ve also done quite a bit of work in marketing for cannabis brands and I’m well connected around the industry. I’m still just a little swinging dick in the cannabis business, but I swing it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Let’s market a strain of cannabis.

We can work with growers to create El Pres OG, sell it in 5 packs of pre-rolled joints, and share profits with a charitable organization such as The Wounded Warriors foundation or a relief fund for people that are affected by the wild fires in Cali. I have contacts in place at every step in this process and I am confident that I could roll a product out within 3 months, while simultaneously creating compelling content that covers the process.

I can offer the perspective of a deeply out-of-market fan.

There are a lot of East Coast fans on the West Coast. Barstool has become a way that we find each other. I’ve got a story about watching Super Bowl 51 in a wine bar full of lesbians that will knock your socks off. The only guy that had my back that night was a Jets fan who was also a Stoolie.

I also travel frequently to Bolivia with my wife, who is Bolivian. She grew up in La Paz and we spend a lot of time down there.


I’d love to cross over with Donnie about that 3rd world life and create some content from the motherland (of cocaine).

I’ve got a multi-ethnic squad of content creators, hustlers, and bad ass motherfuckers up and down the West Coast.

I’ve also got the chops in operations management to get shit done. I believe strongly that I can bring together my community of creators to make provocative, original content which will be relevant to Barstool’s core audience while also growing the brand.

I’ve got talented guys and girls of every color and sexual orientation in Oakland, LA, San Diego, Denver, and Seattle.

I can manage a budget, I can supervise a team, I can get shit done.

I want you inside me.

I love Barstool. I’m built for this. Let’s make it happen.

You can reach me at bomc81@gmail.com, or feel free to call me at (415) 745 5438.

Thanks for reading.

#barstoolwestcoast #coastbycoast #brickbybrick

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

Is this the official logo for:

     A. "Bird In The Hand", a new leather-bar on Folsom Street.

     B. The right-wing nationalist party of an eastern European republic.

     C. The American Internal Revenue Service.











Astonishingly, the correct answer is Option C. I noticed that when I was doing my taxes this year, ironically (not ironic at all). 

But if the answer were either A or B, we could call this harsh, severe, brutalist icon the emblem of Hardcockistan. We could put it right on their flag, which could either fly over a shoddy government building in the midst of a vast wasteland of beet farming and potassium mining OR above a small building in SoMa with no windows and really unconventional business hours. And in either of those 2 places, it would look right at home.

I also discovered, ironically (this time it's actually pretty ironic), that this image is public domain.

I've Got 7 Solid Rules To Live By (So Far)-- UPDATED, ILLUSTRATED, and NOW ON-SALE!

I've Got 7 Solid Rules To Live By (So Far)-- UPDATED, ILLUSTRATED, and NOW ON-SALE!

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Looking Back On "The Push Hard Inn", Our First Web-Series

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