#CowArt Is Officially The Next Game-Changing Media for Artists

The CTOB media team has been doing a lot of great stuff with time-lapse, and the official CTOB drone is going to be turning in some hot SF aerial footage soon, but I'll be god-damned if we never thought to introduce a herd of cattle into the artistic process. It seems so obvious now, but the best ideas are always like that. 

And maybe it was just the Sci-Fi nerd in me, but while I was watching that video I couldn't help but to imagine that they were herding giant leeches. I'd like to see a good, high-concept, low-stakes story about a humble giant-leech farmer on a grey and distant planet, hoping that he can save the farm before the space bank forecloses. But can he also follow his dreams of becoming the next hot artist in the galaxy, and even winning the $100,000 grand prize as the state fair art competition? Also, he owes the space bank exactly $100,000.

Anyways, CTOB Media is looking to acquire a mid-sized herd of cattle (or giant leeches, if that's an option). If you have any leads, hit us up in the comments section.