"A Tale of 2 Pirates: Issue 1; Worlds Away"


Day 3 of the #IllustrationADay challenge and this one came in a lightning bolt of inspiration.

I rolled out of bed, smoked a joint, and jumped in the shower when I started hearing this poetry in my head. It felt like I was trying to remember a song that I used to know. 

The whole poem came to me in about 15 minutes. I got out of the shower and wrote it all down– still dripping all over the kitchen in my towel– and barely gave it a single edit. Then I immediately set out for a cup of coffee and started working out the images.

The poem reads as such:

A Tale of 2 Pirates; Issue 1: Worlds Away

He: A stone hearted squid poacher from the craggy Eastern shores of Wikitusett!
And an Injun fightin’, dog bitin’, double fisted, barrel chested son of a scallywag!
His ship: The Dread Raptor.

She: A rogue Admiral from the landlocked tropical nation of Marolvia!
And a whiskey sipping, pistol whipping, salsa dancing, swash-buckling Zeppelinista!
Hell bent on a love vendetta!

Will the salty scourge of Sasusumpsquit Falls succumb to the succubus of the skies?
Or does the damsel-in-disgrace dance with her own demise?

Check back in with us on Wednesday, when I'm gonna give Miss Manners the business even fouler than I did to Dear Abby. And stick around for a few weeks and you'll see another "Tale of 2 Pirates".