From The U-Files: LA vs SF, Ohio Winter Biker & Snow Shoveling

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1. I pick him up. He kisses girl, then takes out phone, hugs, and gets in my car.

Later my guess was right. Day after first night together.

"No, the bars last night."
"That actually happens?"
"I guess so…never really did in LA for me though."

"How would you compare LA and Sanfrancisco?" He Then tells me his opinion after moving to SF recently

* Social - Not as many festivals and communal events in LA. More community feel.
* Neighborhoods - SF districts are more clearly distinct and of their own.
* Girls - Not as Hot in SF. More cerebral
* Nightlife - LA more club scene, SF Bars have more character,
* Trasportation - LA car traffic, SF muni/underground/relatively good public transportation

He says it’s a timely talk, because he just got a job offer in LA. Conflicted because he is starting to really like San Francisco, the people, and all.

2. Shared carpool ride with LA tourist couple in back and two friends.

Couple explain how you need a car in LA. Guy in fronts says he was able to do it with a bike when He lived in LA, his only mode of transportation. He use to bike in the dead of winter in Ohio and Boston. It all began when his brother went to Afganistan, he jokingly said “What can you do to compare, ride your bike in the winter?” After that, he took it seriously, started biking in the winter, everywhere, and never stopped. Snow, ice, and negative temperatures, never stopping. He started in Ohio, then Boston, then LA, Now SF is easy for him, although the Hills took a while to get use to.

3. Sophmore highschool kid is going to theater rehearsal.

He plays the lead, a guy who is assumed to have killed the husband of the women he has fallen in love with. he is very excited about the show, and loves to dance and perform.

4. Another person from Ohio.

He tells me how when getting snowed in, it would be normal to have to dig yourself a path from your door to be able to get outside. For the elders, the neighbors would dig their path for them.

"I use to love shoveling snow in winter. At night time, we would shovel, and because the roads where icey, the cars made this quiet sound as they drove by. It was just so peaceful."

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