Last minute Prop Bets for Wrestlemania!


Happy Wrestlemania everybody!

The CTOB Editorial team will be watching from Kezar Pub in San Francisco and we'll be live-tweeting the event and rooting for the bad guys! Here's a last minute look at where we're putting our money:

Double-turn in the main event- 2/1

The Rock Shows up- 3/1

CM Punk shows up- 50/1

"CM Punk" chants throughout the Diva's match- 1/1

Over/under for Shenanigans in the main (A single instance of shenanigans being defined as any time the match deviates from sporting 1:1 combat; including but not limited to a ref bump, Heyman getting involved, the Rock showing up, Rollins cashing in, the Shield reforming, or Roman Reigns' family putting Paul Heyman in a big pot and cooking and eating him): 3

Botch of the Night: Roman Reigns

High spot of the night: Stardust

"Wrestlemania moment" of the night: Seth Rollins

Undertaker gets a Johnny Cash intro: 1/2

Over/Under for big entrances:

Sting: 3 minutes 45 seconds

HHH: 4 minutes 30 seconds

Bray Wyatt: 6 minutes

Undertaker: 7 minutes

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