Alabama Shakes want you to know that summer is coming...

Alabama Shakes were the musical guest on an otherwise lifeless SNL this past week. I almost missed them, since they were trimmed out of the Hulu cut.  Check out Brittany Howard and her crew playing like they've got something to prove in both of these clips from

Both killer summer songs. The days are getting longer this Sunday, and I can't wait to listen to the whole new album on the edge of a river. Summer in NorCal is as good as it gets and  Sound and Color is getting strong placement in this years soundtrack.

Alabama Shakes might be the best rock band of the moment, and they are likely to lock up their legacy with this album. Their DNA has got a lot of the Rolling Stones in it, which I like. 

Gimme All your Love smells like BBQ, Don't Wanna Fight tastes like Mexican beer with river water in it.