From the U-Files: Texas nothingness and Crying Baby Dogs

The U-Files is a blog operated by Michael Pickard- a local artist, Uber driver, friend of CTOB, and full-blown weirdo. We harvest our favorite stuff of the week from his site to share with you here every Friday to remind you to have fun while traveling safe this weekend.

1. When he goes to Texas for business trips, he is literally in the middle of nowhere. 300 miles away from Austin, 300 miles away from El Paso. Just Oil Rigs and business meetings.

2. We can’t figure out how radio is still so bad, even with all of the competition. How they still play the same 20 songs on rotation when there are so many great bands to choose from. When I make the point that they might just be really stupid people, who are playing with cat yarn in their big offices, she hopes not.   “I hope that’s not the case. I would rather there be a real sinister evil agenda. That they are swimming in money and have manipulative mal intentions, then just being dumb humans.”

3. Don’t understand what he is talking about. Real estate seems to be involved. Some of the words he uses while on the phone. Nasty Gram, By-Laws, Soil testing, Foundation testing, Claims, Disclosure. I do know there is a Lawyer he doesn’t like who he is working with, but she is good at writing nasty letters.

4. His dog is getting a haircut. Finally found a place they both like. She is one years old. The cops got called to his house once because of a complaint what they thought might be a baby crying left in a house by itself. They found out it was his dog, who just so happens to sound like a crying baby.

5. She is having ruff morning. She doesn’t know if she can go to class again today. She is so hung over from last night, and everything is going so painfully slow. It’s hard for her to say no to shots, and so easy to say yes. She is going to regroup, rest, and get to her class.

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