What if Wes Anderson directed the X-Men, Uatu?

Fun concept, well executed, moments of brilliance. Click around through the links and check out some of the making-of stuff. It's all pretty neat.

I loved What If... comics and this video feels like a 21st century extension of that. 

What if Tarantino directed a Venom movie?

Eddie Brock is a junkie for the raw power of the symbiote, and Venom is a glutton for the lusty pulsating hatred of a city plagued by gang warfare. The duo lurk in the sewers of New York City, being pursued by a variety of well-established crime fighters; Spiderman, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron First, and the Punisher have all set their sights on the unhinged Brock. As Brock gets sicker, Venom gets stronger. He is on a collision course with all of the men who have made him feel powerless all his life. But can he stay in control long enough to get his revenge, or will the alien take over completely and pursue it's own agenda?

What auteur do you think should get their hands on a comic property? Tell us about it in the Comments section after the jump... 

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