Leonard in Slow Motion- A Short Film Review

The presented hook for this short is Martin Starr, known for his roles in "Freaks and Geeks " and "Silicon Valley".  I've never personally seen either show, but the premise of this particular short tickled my curiosity quite a bit: A man in love with a coworker that can't express his affections because of his slow pace of life. His literal, slow-motion, pace of life.

I was hooked within the 1st thirty seconds. The short opens with a hint of pink sky and a beautiful song that together make you release a slow, yoga breath "ah". Within seconds we meet Leonard, running in slow motion, while everyone around him moves at a normal pace. It's hilarious.

Martin Starr gives a very compelling performance with great comedic timing.  He is officially my second favorite slow guy. 

This guy's my 1st:  

The cinematography and production design come together to create some sexy slow- mo porn. And the music, man. The music is good. Take a look-see: