OMG Dragons! Episode 1: The Podcasts to Come

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Season 5 is officially underway and I guess it's really, really late in the autumn, because winter is still coming. Bo and Maria just finished watching episode 1 "The Wars to Come", and they're inviting you to share the afterglow. 

*Caution* This podcast is meant to be listened to after watching episode 1, so it is ripe with spoilers for any episode up to and including season 5, episode 1. Also, there is significant mature content as Maria uses some of the saltiest language on the seven seas.

Game of Thrones Selfie Game

We've recreated our reactions (to the best of our respective theatrical abilities) to some of the most iconic moments from the show so far. Use #GoTSelfieGame on Twitter to get in on the action and see if you can top any of these beauties:

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