From the U-Files: Taking over a flower business; Whoa... I'm a personal driver for the day

The U-Files is a blog operated by Michael Pickard- a local artist, Uber driver, and friend of CTOB. We harvest our favorite stuff of the week from his site to share with you here every Friday.

1. He used to work for a floral store 20 years ago, and took over as the boss after the owner moved and fled from the IRS. He has no idea what happened to her. 

2. I became a personal driver for the day. It wasn’t until I got to the parking lot and saw the thumbs up “Likes” symbol that I realized we were at Facebook. She ended up going to business meetings at Facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin, and Ebay. Some how she did this all in one day. Talk about efficiency! 

Have fun and travel safe this weekend. Find Mike at and on the road.

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