BatJabroni is back with his C+ Batsuit and the best karate moves I've seen since 6th grade.

Listen, I'm not trying to be rude to this kid. He's doing some fine cosplay here, though his friends shouldn't play with knives. But to call this a "real life Batsuit"? That's real life bullshit.

I don't know where BatJabroni got his henchmen, but I'm guessing it wasn't from the League of Shadows. I know the Court of Owls isn't going to come at you with a 2 inch switchblade either, bro, and I'm pretty sure Killer Croc will just rip your stupid face right off, even with that convenient chin strap on your fancy little bike helmet.

Again, I want to be totally clear: I like this kid's fancy little suit. It looks great and I'd like to get my photo taken with him at WonderCon (I make a pretty good Wolverine myself). And all due congratulations to BatJabroni on getting his blue belt in Rex Kwon Do, sincerely. But that's no Batsuit, and he's no Batman. 

CTOB loves Batman...