IamYou - A Short Film Review

“You had just started walking and you wanted to go toward the waves… but I’d only let you go so far before I’d catch you.” 

This beautiful short piece is a glimpse into the life of two lower class, young adults trying to get by in San Francisco. Gabe (Paul S. Tracey) spends his days halfheartedly scrounging and panhandling in the city trying to make a buck. Helena (Presciliana Esparolini) takes to the streets at night. 

All though I’ve been programmed to know these stakes as high, I quickly began experiencing them through the eyes of these broken characters: With resgination and fearlessness. Gabe and Helena carry about their days unmoved, treating each other with resentment and impatience, yet they find solace in each other’s company and allow opportunities to escape through story. Gabe shares a recurring dream over and over. Helena retells stories of their childhood countless times. Brief moments of comfort. 

Their monotonous, unpleasant day to day is served to us with a twist, as it is portrayed in beautiful, dreamlike scenes of San Francisco and intimate shots of facial expressions and emotions. Both Tracey and Esparolini give heart wrenching performances. 

IamYou is currently a contestant in the LA Cinequest Film Festival. I strongly suggest you watch it, and participate in it’s growth by voting here, if you’re so inclined. 

This breathtaking short is certainly a must watch. 

IamYou is poetry.