Day 5: A Tale of 2 Pirates; Episode 2: "Dos!"

The found each other in a dark corner of pirates’ den at the edge of the world.

He whispered filthy limericks and slanderous accusations in to her tits while they sipped hot grog from teacups.

She didn’t hear a word she believed.

They played the Devil’s Dice all night and when the sun came up, he owed her a penny farthing and a pound of flesh.

She swore he’d beg and he vowed to surrender.

She said she’d cut out his heart, so he got down on his knees and made her promise.

The pirates are back! This one is going to get a bit more writing before it gets ink and letters. The lettering will be in wild typography that really fills up the page. It might be a half-tick undone, but I love the drawings (especially the bottom one) so I'm taking credit for day 5 and I've tied my own record!

Stay tuned to CTOB and we'll see if I can beat it.

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