Day 1 (again): #KOvsSCSA

Kevin Owens is a fat, mean, ugly son of a bitch.
And he’s French-Canadien.

Stone Could Steve Austin once told him: “Never stop running your mouth!” SCSA is a real bastard too.

I want to see Kevin Owens fight Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 32 in Texas and this illustration is my first step in manifesting that.

(Maybe a Strap Match).

Nothing beats the WWE Network when I need a good Saturday morning cartoons experience. 

After a long and tough Sunday at my day job-- dutifully repairing broken teacups-- I need to let my body and brain rest. I grew up on the WWE and-- while my mother has finally convinced me that some portions of the show may not be entirely what they appear-- I still enjoy the broad strokes storytelling and bombastic theatrics. 

And the Elmination Chamber PayPerView is WWE at it's absolutely most bonkers. I turned it on and watched the Tag Team Elimination Chamber match, which featured 14 guys in 6 teams, fighting inside a giant domed cage. One of them is a midget. It's a live action stunt show with human cartoons.

I watched through that freak show while I was warming up in my sketchbook and having a cup of coffee. It's important to put the right fuel in the creative machine. When you put in equal parts WWE and NPR, you get A Tale of 2 Pirates.

So the show plays on and I stumble into John Cena vs Kevin Owens. It's the polar opposite of the Chamber match. It's a story about 2 tough guys who hate each other. One is handsome and nice, the other is ugly and mean. 

The match is a tremendous piece of storytelling. Both guys are freaky athletic. John Cena is the Derek Jeter of WWE. I was familiar with Owens in his previous life as Kevin Steen. He plays a hell of a villain, but he's fun to root for too. You should check out his episode of Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana and get to know him.