Day 1: "Dear Abby, Fuck you."

Honestly, Dear Abby can get me pretty worked up sometimes. 

Bo in real time...

I drew this piece about 2 weeks ago. It's my first stab at drawing a new comic every day. I started my morning with the simple goal of getting a comic out as soon as it came to me. I didn't have this concept in mind when I woke up, but I read the paper with my morning coffee and when I stumbled upon Dear Abby, I remembered a comic concept that I was fucking with a few years ago and decided to revisit it. 

A sense of place and motion:

The concept of the piece is to start the reader in the Dear Abby piece, then have them transition out into the world of the main character (Bo McGee), then to transition them again into the mind of the narrator. So the viewership experience has the reader in 3 different realms:

  1. Within the dialogue exchange of Dear Abby and this crazy person.
  2. In the room with Bo.
  3. In Bo's head. 

I executed this as directly as possible; by leaning on a traditional eye line which gives each setting it's own unique readership experience. We start with standard downward scanning in the top left corner, then a big upward swoop into Bo's world, then the eye line shoots you down into the narrator's mind. 

Day 1 is done.

Now this guy is sitting in a pile of badass illustrations, waiting for some ink and lettering. This is what I consider a practice piece, as I did it more for exercise than for the potential of the piece itself. But I have a few more similar pieces in the pile, so they might all just get inked and pushed through the site soon anyways. Most likely, it'll kick around the illustration department at CTOB Global HQ until I am ready to start inking something that has a bit more creative weight for me, then I'll ink it to warm up.


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