Day 3: A Tale of 2 Pirates

Unga bunga. 

I try to be discreet with some of my jazzier habits, but I need to give full credit for this piece to the good folks at Grass Roots and an 1/8th of Trainwreck that I picked up for only $25. I rolled out of bed, smoked a J, got in the shower, and all of a sudden this piece just started flowing out of me. I was hearing these poetic little nonsense verses coming out of the pipes and I was trying to speak them into the room before they went down the drain. I got out of the shower and started writing them down before I was even toweled off and as I wrote down what I was hearing, I could suddenly see lines on the page which I was compelled to trace over with my pencil. 

Consistency perpetuates momentum.

I love the piece. It's fully autobiographical, by the way. It's going to get inked and lettered properly and as soon as it's done it will come through CTOB, so stay tuned.  

A Tale of 2 Pirates; Issue 1: Worlds Away

He: A stone hearted squid poacher from the craggy Eastern shores of Wikitusett!
And an Injun fightin’, dog bitin’, double fisted, barrel chested Rapscallion!
His ship: The Dread Raptor.
She: A rogue Admiral from the landlocked tropical nation of Marolvia!
And a whiskey sipping, pistol whipping, salsa dancing, swash-buckling Zeppelinista!
Hell bent on a love vendetta!
Will the salty scourge of Sasusumpsquit Falls succumb to the succubus of the skies?
Or does the damsel-in-disgrace dance with her own demise?