Day 4: "You're Full of Shit, Miss Manners."

Miss Manners we both know exactly what is going on here, and it is deplorable!
I implore you to condemn this doorbell of a bologna doughnut durble darble durp diablo dollar dollar bill y’all ding dong Will Wonka wiggly digits diarrhea pblt!

I found this gem by Miss Manners a few days back and I quickly got a nugget of an idea, so I tore it out and taped it into my sketchbook. I knew I wanted to do something different from the Dear Abby piece I did for day 1, so I figured I'd try something unique with the eye-line. 

I tried to compose the image so that after reading vertically down the text block, the illustrated elements would then guide you from the bottom of the page back to the top, revealing the story of the narrator. Whereas in the Dear Abby piece we traveled from the world of the letter, to the world of the narrator, to the world of the narrator's imagination; in this piece we travel from the world of the letter, to the world of the imagination, then to the world of the narrator. Then as we read the speech bubble (which devolves into loosely structured nonsense) we are brought into the thought process of the imaginary character and the eye is pulled back down through the page for a second pass.

I was hoping it would make for a chaotic but intriguing viewership experience, and I think it works.