"A Trip To The Wrestling"

With the break of the streak last week, I guess my mind has been a bit dialed into pro-wrestling, as it is sometimes. 

"Based on true events..."

should read the preface of this one. It's not an autobiographical piece, but it's rooted firmly in personal experiences. I did get separated from my mom at the Boston Children's Museum when I was a very young kid, and my pop took us to plenty of WWF (fuck those pandas) live events at the Boston Garden.

I wanted to balance two stories against each other that show progression in the way that a child's mind sorts and organizes information. That is the heart of the story that is told in the written narrative and I wanted the image to embody that on every axis. I'm really pleased with the results, too.

It looks like a feeling.

 I like the synesthetic quality of the first drawing. I think that the picture looks accurately the way that the narrator feels, and it invokes that feeling in the viewer.

The second image is much more straight-forward. The narrator has created a straight line out of the chaos. It begins with his creator; then proceeds to his self, his god, his society, and his mythology.

All in stunning 2D!

That's two days in a row for my second whack at the #IllustrationADay challenge. One more, and we're officially on a streak.


Tune back into CTOB this Friday and I'll tell you how it goes.