Ink & Color; Me, Her & Us

I had a bit of a stylistic breakout on that werewolf piece from last week.

By that, I mean that I suddenly and organically experienced a big shift in my inking style. I had been doing a lot of fairly precise, deliberate inking lately. "A TripTo The Wrestling" was inked exclusively with fine-line marker pens. "#KOvsSCSA" and "A Tale of 2 Pirates..." were both done with a brush pen, but with vey slow and deliberate brush strokes.


So I started inking "#Werewolfification" with the same intent. But when I got to the full werewolf– fur, chest, snout, teeth– I felt this need for fast, loose, splashy lines to convey the energy of the moment. So I really opened up, and had a lot of fun with that brush pen. It's definitely a must-have in every illustrators tool kit, so if you don't have one then you should spin over to our Amazon store and pick one up.

I sat down to knock out today's illustration (day 4, by the way) and that brush pen was still at full throttle, so I let it rip. I flipped through an old GI Joe comic for inspiration. It was a one-off from 1987, packed with full-page portraits of the Joe's. That's how we arrived at these two fun little portraits of CTOB's founding couple.

In full color, nonetheless. All of the drama of the ink and the image kind of demanded it.

And when you're already at full throttle, you might as well do a wheelie.

I love these two portraits. I think they came out great, and I love to draw Maru. I decided to use them in the "About Us" section of the site. Check it out: