Tommy Touchdown Knows A Thing Or Two About Setting Records

Listen up you fat, ugly rednecks..

With last weeks "Villains Of New York" illustration, we officially broke the previous record of 6 consecutive days of new illustrations. "Aquaman In Captivity" got color and a minor redesign and brought us to day 8, then "Sir Grzzwall" took us on to 9. 

So to mark the passing of the double-digit barrier and bring us to 10 full days of consecutive illustrations, let me present to you the single greatest heel working in pop culture territory today:

I would have loved to have seen Tom Brady working on top at the Superbowl against Manning. I understand the NFL had to work the retirement angle with Peyton, though, and TB12 would've been liable to go off script and shoot on him. Tommy might've pinned him clean in the middle, then on-air commissioner Goodell would have to run in and Montreal the whole thing. Made more sense to let Peyton ride off into the sunset and set Cam Newton up for a big face turn now that he's been humbled.

But first, he's going to have to get through Tom Brady in a steel cage!