"The Third Time Woody Broke His Nose"

I'm really happy with this little fight scene.

Colored version is sitting on my desk, waiting to get scanned. I mostly drew it for the purpose of color, so let me describe it to you so you can get the full effect now:

It's bloody. Super bloody. Blood everywhere, more than just his nose. More than you're imagining, in fact. And these two guys are deep in the fight, they've been smashing at each other for a few minutes now and they are showing it. It's gritty, graphic, and visceral. Looking at it will make you feel like you're trapped in a moment that only rage can get you out of.

And I wrote a short story that complements the piece nicely.

I'm not going to share that with you yet either, but I will give you a little preview.

These two guys fucking hate each other. Hate each others rotten, stinking guts. They're fighting over a woman, and a matter of revenge. The ending is rather disgusting.