The Inglorious Muppits

ABC is having a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with the Muppets, once one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. God knows I loved them growing up, but now it seems like every other year they're trying to relaunch a movie or a TV series only to see it flop.

So being a bit of a creative genius, I figured I'd turn my attention to solving this problem, and– I gotta tell ya– I think I knocked it out of the park. We just take that old Muppets, maddash Hollywood charm and give it a little modern grit with some help from one master of modern grit, Quentin Tarantino. 

I'm envisioning a full length, shot-for-shot remake (plus a little extra) of the Inglorious Basterds with a fully integrated cast of Muppets and lots of room for cameos. 

I started punching up some character designs. We've got Lieutenant Kermit "The Apache" Frog and "The Jew-Bear" Sergeant Fozzy Fozzowitz. And obviously Waldorf and Statler are going to be a couple of old Nazi's yucking it up in the balcony at Joseph Goebels (I'm picturing Jonah Hill in the role) latest premier. And while I penciled in a Muppet Hitler (because how can you not?), I'm also having a hard time envisioning this movie without Neil Patrick Harris as Der Fuhrer. 

I've been adding some color to these this week and you can expect to see the finished versions come through the blog feed next week(ish).

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