Behold Shazarro!

The #IllustrationADay Challenge returns for round 3!

I made some huge stylistic advances throughout the first 2 rounds, if I do say so myself. Particularly in my inking. I'm feeling more confident with a brush pen than ever. I'm really happy with my lettering, too. 

Shazarro was created when Mister Mxyzptlk extracted him from the demented imagination of Bizarro.

This inner "Bizarroland" is populated by manifestations of the monster's fractured and distorted understanding of the world around him. Mxyzptlk found Bizarro's mental rendering of Shazam, stole his secret word, and bestowed it upon young Freddie Dingus–truly, the biggest shithead on earth.

With Aquaman still the prisoner of The Hobbyist, can earth's mightiest heroes hold the beast at bay? Or will help come from the most unlikely of allies?