The "Sad Tom Takeover" of CTOB Has Come To An End

Great news from the CTOB Global HQ/home office!

After a lengthy legal battle and ensuing corporate embargo, I– Bo McGee (aka Bobby McGee; aka Bob Barron; aka Turbo St. Allion)–along with my wife Maria Mealla de McGee, have regained control of the CTOB blog feed.

Our piece-of-shit intern Sad Tom seized power through sinister and nefarious channels, which makes sense because he is literally human garbage. I hate his stinking guts. He tried to ruin my website with all sorts of crazy horse shit, but he's gone now. I beat him, because I'm a winner and he's a loser and that's the way it works around here. 

Well, mostly gone. He's been given a significant demotion, which is the most severe penalty that HR will allow me to give a guy who was already an unpaid intern. He also had to sign a legally binding contract which states he'll stop spitting in my coffee. 

So that none of us forget the Sad Tom Takeover of CTOB (unlike your mom's birthday and 9/ll) and the horrors that it wrought on this little website, we've moved Sad Tom's stupid, hateful, ill-begotten posts to the sidebar. You might enjoy reading them, if you're a miserable sociopath.

And in other news...

If there's a silver-lining to be found in the Sad Tom Takeover, it is that it allowed Maru and I time to get married. I did this little illustration about it:



We also threw the greatest wedding of all time. Wish you could've been there.

So now that we're back in control of the blog feed here at CTOB... 

and now that we have all this spare time on our hands, we figure we'll get some more cool content flowing out again. Make sure to keep an eye on the front page and follow us on social. #IllustrationADay round 3 will be starting soon and this time we're moving into full color.

I've also been cranking up our presence on Facebook lately, it's kind of the place to be if you're a fan of the site. I've been broadcasting on Facebook live all morning and it's a shit load of fun, I'm hoping to go live on Saturday morning as frequently as possible.