This little fight scene has been sitting in my publishing queue for about 6 months.

Which makes sense, because it was one of those pieces that I drew with pencils in my sketchbook, then I inked it months later, then I colored it a year after that. I finally added the big bloody splotch and realized it was done. 

In the course of the process, a scene unfolded. It became a part of the backstory of a character in a comic that I've been working on in my head for years. It's about grisly emotions and violence. 

I felt like I needed to write the story to publish it with this illustration, but then I changed my mind. Half the story lives in a google doc and it gets an edit every few months. It'll be done when it's done.

But that's not the illustration's fault. The illustration wants to live. It needs to be seen to live. 

So check this out out...

  1. Penciled with my handy Pentel GraphGear 1000 .5 mm, the world's greatest mechanical pencil.
  2. Inked with my Pentel Brush Pen and some Microns
  3. Colored with flesh tone Copic markers, standard art markers, and a bit of watercolor.
  4. Used red ink to create the blood splotch on a piece of design vellum, then combined the images in photoshop. 

The name of the piece is "Fight!"

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