Villains Of New York: Jeff and "the Twins"

"They started as a homuncular biomass which I created in my lab.

But the thing about creating life is that you need to have a soul to imbue it with, and souls aren't easy to come by. With a small team of goons, I raided the Ancient History Museum's winter gala and-- despite The Whisper once again appearing from out of nowhere to meddle in my business-- I absconded with an ancient urn containing the bifurcated soul of a Sumerian apocalypse deity. I successfully imbued the biomass with the soul, and "the Twins" here were born. Now I hear The Whisper has enlisted Dr. Vortex and the Warlock's Guild in his plot to assassinate us. And they may kill me, yes, for I am a mortal man. But they will never stop Inkl and Stygn from reaping armageddon's salty harvest."

"They're 2 years old. They're mostly refurbished eel and monkey DNA, actually, held together with a proprietary blend of synthetic protoplasm and dark magic."

"Inkl, the purple one, is pure evil. He has a toxic spirit and a malignant essence. He wants nothing but the worst for humanity. His brother, Stygn, isn't as evil, but he is by no means good. He is-- on his best days-- benign when left alone, yet still prone to frequent episodes of explosive violence. It's awfully hard to be left alone when you share a soul with this purple dickhead though."

"I love them the way tinder loves the flame.

They're going to kill me one day. I can see it in their eyes. But they're still learning from me and they know that. They know that they have a lot to learn before they can live without me. I don't know when it will be, but they'll kill me when they're done with me. Hopefully not until The Whisper, Dr. Vortex, and all their clandestine cronies have been reduced to ash. So I try to take them out to the park to throw a baseball around with them whenever I can, because my dad did that with me and I waited until I was like 17 before I killed him."



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