The Daydreamer By Lucy's: A Pack Of Joints Reviewed

I'm a joint smoker. 

Sure- I love a pipe, a bong, a vape, a dab, a crunched up Sprite can or a half an apple. I can smoke weed any which way. But if I can have my way, I'm going to smoke a joint every time.

And I'm always on the look out for the perfect pack of joints. I've found a few that I like, and a lot that don't even come close. 

One day recently, I had a full day of errands planned out along the Divisadero corridor, one of my favorite stretches of San Francisco. On my way over, I made a quick stop by my friendly neighborhood dispensary Grass Roots SF, one of my favorite places in the City to stop in and talk ganj with their consistently cool and knowledgeable staff.

I plucked this pack of Lucy's Daydreamers off the shelf and was sold quickly:

    File_000 (1).jpeg

    Excellent packaging. Simple design, not a lot of extra bullshit, gets the point across. 

    • Sun grown. California has the best outdoor weed on earth, I like to take advantage of it.
    • %100 flower. Pre-rolls are the hotdogs of the cannabis biz. If these plants had hooves and tails, you'd find them in pre-rolled joints. If these are really full flower, I'll be able to taste it.
    • $45 is a reasonable price point for a 7 pack of joints, especially if they're a legit 3.5 grams of outdoor, full flower cannabis. 

    But there's only one way to figure out what they're worth, really: burn 'em.

    Joint 1: Am I about to get fingered?

    It’s been about 5 years since I’ve seen a doctor, so I figured it was time to pull the trigger. I made an appointment for a routine check-up a few days ago.

    I pop out of Grass Roots and spark up my first Daydreamer.   and hop a bus headed up Geary on my way to Kaiser. 

    Sitting on MUNI, I can't help but to start thinking about all the things that could go wrong: blood sugar, cholesterol, prostate health... then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I'm in my mid 30's now; this doctor may well be planning to put their finger up my ass. God dammit. 

    It’s just a part of growing up for dudes, I guess. That’s how life goes. You try to live a good life and stay healthy, but sooner or later some doctor finger fucks you anyways.

    I know a lot of people who would love getting fingered by a doctor first thing in the morning. But for me, it was a slightly disquieting prospect. 

    I get off the bus feeling pretty great for a guy who was about to get fingered, but I couldn’t help but to wonder who my doctor is. It's been awhile since I've seen them, but as I recall he’s a big Russian guy with hands like catcher’s mitts. 

    So in order to help things go smoothly, I decided to bomb down my second Daydreamer before walking in to Kaiser. It felt like a very reasonable decision at the time.

    File_001 (1).jpeg

    Joint 2: Moment of truth...

    Don’t you hate it when you’re rushing to get somewhere, but also rushing to get really baked before you get there, and you run through the front door of a building only to realize you’ve still got 2 lungs full of pot smoke which you forgot to exhale? Especially in a hospital, right?

    I go see my doctor and she's a nice, petite Russian lady. She takes a pretty thorough look under the hood, but she does not stick her fingers (or anything else) up my ass. She doesn't even suggest it. No interest in my keister at all. In fact, she tells me that I am in fantastic health and asks me what I've been doing to take care of myself.

    I tell the doc I exercise sometimes, eat right mostly, and smoke weed every day.  

    She tells me to keep up the good work so on my way out, that's exactly what I do.

     View from the waiting room... Karl The Fog creeping.

    View from the waiting room... Karl The Fog creeping.

    Joint 3: And a cup of coffee.

    At this point, I think to myself: "I've smoked 2 joints in the past 2 hours. Do I really need to smoke a third?" But then I think "I didn't wake and bake this morning, so technically I've only smoked 2 joints in the past 10 hours. I probably ought to smoke another joint."

    So I smoke that third joint and I get pretty lit. Then I retire into Mojo coffee shop for a cup of joe and some time with my Strain Scorebook.

    I feel great. This is lovely weed, which affects a really nice high. Very positive, happy, energetic, and uplifting. The high sets in deep and lasts a long time, and each time I lay another joint on top of it, the high takes a fun turn for the better. Even after 3 joints, I don't feel too burnt out. 

    It tastes really good, too. Pre-rolls tend to have a bland, wall paper taste but these Daydreamers are nice and skunky. They have a bit of a Chem-like funk, which I love. Maybe there is something from the Chem or OG Kush family in the blend, I'm not sure. They certainly have a strong, cerebral high that helps support the theory. Either way, they are more musky than fruity.

    I like the shape and size as well. The thickness of the joints makes for a nice big hit, which is delivered nicely through the double-long crutch. 


    I sit in the coffee shop for awhile and enjoy the high as it slowly fades, then wander down Divis to Comix Experience and spend some time perusing the shelves. I pick up a fistful of mini comics and zines by other local creators, then head out to catch a bus home.

    I smoked 3 joints, bought some comics, did some writing/drawing, and didn't get fingered. That's a solid morning, and now I'm ready for a nap. 

    I like these joints.

    They have a pretty good flavor-- exceptional by the relatively low standards of pre-rolls-- and they smoke nicely. They are clearly well manufactured as the J's are very consistent and smoke evenly the whole way through. The size and shape is pretty unique compared to what else is out there on the market, and it works for me.

    However, they're still not enough to get me to stop rolling my own. At the $45 price point, I feel like I can buy a pretty nice 1/8th of weed and do the grunt work myself. 

    The convenience is nice, and I will definitely look for Lucy's when I want to grab a pack on the run. Maybe if I was headed out of town for a weekend with some friends. This is definitely a great box of bones to take camping or on a little road trip. 

    Have you tried Lucy's? Let me know if you're a fan (or not). If there are other packs of joints out there that you think I should try, tell me about that too. 

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