Justin Trudeau Sells Tanks To Saudi Arabia

I was listening to Dave Rubin's fantastic podcast at the gym last night. He was talking to a guy by the name of Greg Fluhrer who calls himself the Armoured Skeptic and that line made me giggle right in the middle of my plank. Great little factoid for a troll like me.

Justin Trudeau is having a real moment these days. All the lefties just love churning his butter because he's cute as a button and woke as the sunrise. But if the women of Saudi Arabia decide they want to drive a car, or wear makeup, or play a sport, and they decide to have a women's march on Tehran to make their voices heard, then it'll be Canadian tanks that roll right over them. 

You should definitely check out Rubin. He's a lapsed democrat who aims to "clean his own house" by speaking directly to the failings of modern liberalism. His whole schtick is that he talks to people with deifferent political beliefs and they never yell at each other or say crazy, hateful shit. It's a novel approach.

Armoured Skeptic I'm not so sure of. I don't watch a lot of content on YouTube. He's got a lot of interesting stuff to say, but here's my problem from jump street: the guy was a devout Christian who then got into messianic Judaism (whatever that is), and is now active in the multi-zonal world of structured atheism. I think you're doing too much religion, bro. Slow it down a little. Maybe smoke a bowl and look at the stars. That's the extent of my religious practice and we literally know the exact same amount about god or what happens after you die, so think about that and ruminate on the futility of it all.

Either way, Canada is a smaller, weaker nation and their handsome little prince is a snake-oil salesman like all the rest of them.