Star Dawg and I Love Dick

Stardawg is an American classic.

She’s a cross of the prolific Chem Dawg #4 and Tres Dawg. So she’s like an inbred cousin to the venerable OG Kush and her numerous regional pheno’s.

I swung through the Apothecarium on my way home from work and they had a great deal on Stardawg. My friendly budtender waved a full jar of frosty, dark green buds under my nose. The famous funk of Chem Dawg is heavily present at first whiff, with a bit more of a musky, earthy smell underneath. Smells a bit like her prettier, more popular cousins-- but a little bit dirtier.

I love Stardawg. She’s one of my go-to strains, and I can smoke her just about any time, day or night. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is any situation in which it’s not a good idea to smoke some Stardawg.

But there’s only one way to find out, I guess. So I picked up an 1/8th for a song and got to business.

Sesh 1:  I Love Dick

I Love Dick is a new show on Amazon Prime, starring Kathryn Hahn, who is famous for playing the most unlikable character in 40 percent of the movies on Netflix; and Kevin Bacon, who is famous for probably being less than 6 degrees of separation from you. 

I  watched the first 3 episodes with the missus while I smashed down about 5 bowls of Stardiggity-dawg, fresh from the dispensary jar. The buds are sticky, but not damp. That's good. The buds are pliable and resinous and they have not been overly-cured to the point that they become dry and crumbly. Proper drying displays that a high level of care has been paid to the product by the provider (both the grower and the dispensary) and preserves the complex terpene profile that determines the unique odor of the strain.  

The show is total dynamite. Highly relevant to that is Kevin Bacon, whose performance as the eponymous “Dick” is subdued like a quiet day at the lightning bolt factory. He is primal, visceral, stoic. His charisma has a six-pack. He makes me nervous in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable the more I think about it. I can't look away from him. 

But this brought up a point of contention between the missus and I...

Is Kevin Bacon sexy again OR did he ever stop being sexy in the first place?

She says he hasn’t been sexy since Footloose and I think it’s outrageous to overlook his sex appeal in Tremors and Hollow Man, and even as recently as X-Men First Class. I think the only times Bacon has ever been not-sexy on screen is when he was playing a character who wasn't sexy. And as talented as Bacon is, even he isn't able to act away that sex appeal %100 of the time.

Bacon sizzles. Deal with it.

But don't take my word for it...

You can get Stardawg by State Flower Cannabis at the Apothecarium, and you can watch I Love Dick on Amazon Prime.

And of course swing through the CTOB store to pick up your own copy of the Yeti, then tell us how you like the #Stardawg on Twitter @TheFriscoYeti!