Can A THC Tincture Cure A Hangover?

I usually smoke my weed, occasionally eat it, and rarely mess around with tinctures and extracts. 

But a few days ago, I did something even more rare: I woke up with a hangover. And not just a hangover, but a busy day ahead as well-- full of errands I couldn't put off for the Napa Flu.

I'd run into an old friend the night before. Since they don't smoke weed, we were swigging down wine while catching up on old times. We were drinking that shit like grown-up juice. Cheers this and salud that and then I walked home with a sloshing belly full of vino.

My alarm clock went off and I wanted to stay in bed. My head was aching, my stomach was churning, and the morning was slipping away. I couldn't afford to lose the day to a hangover, so I threw a hail-mary.

I reached into my stash box and found this little 2 dose vial of Kind Drops.

It had been sitting in there for a few months, probably. I scoop up free samples all over the place and I don't always get into them right away. I keep them all in an old wood box in a cool, dark, dry place. Perishables should be kept in the fridge, naturally, but this is just a little olive oil and cannabis extract. 

Kind Medicine is a respected Bay Area company with a reputation for consistent, high quality products. I've tried their Kind Rub and I find it's great for my stiff hands and sore muscles after a long day at work. 

I sipped down half of the bullet shaped sample vile, then jumped in a quick shower, got dressed, and got out of the house in search of a cup of coffee

About 20 minutes after dosing, I started to feel a little loose and easy in my body. A few minutes later, I noticed a pleasant lightness in my head, and the gentle golden glow of the mid-morning sun.

I found my coffee and a chocolate-croissant (the Frisco donut) and carried on with my errands. My hangover was pretty effectively neutralized. It was still there, of course. The magic green shot didn't return me to %100 or anything close to it; my stomach was noticeably more settled and that aching pain in the back of my head was diminished, but I was still feeling sluggish and mentally disorganized. 

Any stoner can tell you: that just means you need more weed.

I banged down the rest of the shot about an hour after the first dose. It tastes just like you'd expect: like olive oil and ganj.

It worked pretty well. The second shot took me a little higher and I had a really lovely sensation in my body as I was chugging down a cold bottle of water. I mean, chugging water always feels awesome, but there was something extra-nice about it. I felt more acutely aware of the cells in my body rehydrating as water surged into my mouth, down my throat, filled my belly, and permeated the dry-spongey meat of my body. 

The Kind Drops got me through the morning and a hearty lunch got me through the afternoon. By the time I got to my mid-afternoon joint, the hangover was an afterthought. 

I'm going to pick some more Kind Drops to keep in my medicine cabinet. I bet I can take a few periodically in lieu of Advil or TUMS. I'd try a few drops for headaches, belly aches, insomnia. Also for shits and giggles. It was a very nice high, and I'm always interested in getting Big Pharma out of my life.

What do you think? Have you tried Kind Drops? Any other interesting cannabis products on the market for the treatment of common ailments?