I Made My Wife Some Groovy Medicated Hot Chocolate For A Chilly Night

Wife and I have had a long couple of weeks. 

We've both been working really hard. When you're stressed, it's easy to get into bad habits around sleeping, eating, and self care. That leaves you feeling less than %100 all the time, and it gets harder and harder to get back on track. 

So after a few weeks of grinding out long days and late nights, we were feeling the burn. Restless sleep, restless stomachs, and restless brains. We needed some rest.

I decided to whip us up a special night time treat to help us relax, unwind, and reset. 

I tend to reach for a glass of red wine at the end of the night, but one glass too many and I'll feel it in my head and stomach the next day. I've also got a real sweet tooth, but even a little bit of Ben & Jerry's can be a lot of calories for a night-time treat.

A nice cup of medicated hot chocolate could be the perfect solution. It gives me something rich and satisfying to sip on, and it also feeds my sweet tooth.

I recently picked up this jar of Savor high CBD Raw Cacao by Whoopi & Maya from Harvest. It's low in THC and high in CBD. I love getting the strong medicinal value of CBD without having to risk a roller-coater of a night with a cannabis edible. 

The cacao has a bit of a waxy consistency in the jar. I'm not really sure how you'd eat the stuff other than melting it into a drink. But I dug a little out with a spoon so wife and I could both sample it, and we agreed it was quite delicious. 

I got some chocolate almond milk and heated it up on the stove. I heated it nice and slow and was careful not to boil it. I want the milk just hot enough to melt the cacao and stay warm in my mug. I'm no chemist, but I know that boiling things can change their state pretty dramatically, and that cannabinoids are chemicals which are susceptible to combustion. So fuck it, I'm playing it safe and making some medium-hot chocolate. We're in NorCal, not New England- it's not even that cold out, so it works.

I shaved the chocolate into the pretty warm/kind of hot chocolate milk and stirred it in nice and slow. It melted quickly and smoothly. I scraped away at it with a spoon until I'd dumped in about half the jar. 

We cuddled up on the couch and went for Spotify instead of Netflix. CBD is a great medicine for your brain, your organs, and your joints. A little bit of love is great for all those things too. So when you get the CBD and the love and the chocolate and the couch and the wife and you stir it all up into a warm and cozy little night... it's really good. 

We had a lovely and peaceful little evening and went to bed early. We woke up the next day and we both agreed that we felt deeply refreshed and relaxed, and we could feel the benefits of a little self-care throughout our bodies-- from the knees, to the liver, to the soul. 

This is a product that I like to keep stocked in my house. I can imagine a variety of ways that I could add it into a tasty treat. It's delicious, easy to use, and rich with that precious CBD. At $19 a jar it's not cheap, but a fair price point for a high quality product. They've also got some variations that have more THC, and I'll probably try those too.

Got any recipes I should try with Whoopi & Maya's High CBD Raw Cacao? Or any other similar products that you like, or think I should try? Let me know.

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