Zebronkey Dreams Is On Sale Now!


Zebronkey Dreams; An Off-Line Hard-Media Coloring App is on sale now in the CTOB Store!

Zebronkey Dreams represents cutting edge innovation. We've taken the popular trend of coloring apps and repackaged them into this sturdy, hard-media interface platform, which is fully operational off-line and has a cool retro aesthetic!

It features the line-art illustrations of CheckThisOutBabe.com, as well as a few never-before-seen pieces. It's 8.5"x5.5" (we call that a gascan in the minicomic biz) and it comes in at a sturdy 12 pages. That's hours of entertainment for the whole family, folks (this minicomic does include profanities, graphic violence, and partial nudity, and it promotes drug use on virtually every page-- by it's very existence, really-- but I'm not here to tell you how to raise your family). 

And it's only $5, so head on over to the CTOB Store now and buy one for you, one for someone you love, and someone you hate (you can give it to them as a gift to make peace). 

Zebronkey Dreams
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