Leaked Tracks from "Hey Bad Ass vol. 2: The Grzzwall Mixtape"

I got to spend some time hanging out with Andrew Callaway this week and we were looking over what I've got so far on issue 2 of Hey Bad Ass, tentatively titled "The Grzzwall Mixtape". 

Callaway is an artist in film. His art is capturing intriguing moments and stringing them together in a way that reveals a story. I very much wanted to display that via illustration with his issue of Hey Bad Ass, and I think I had some level of success at that.

With Grzz, I wanted to change the visual format of the comic in a way that is more representative of his music. I ditched the concept of a linear narrative that connects the 3 pages. From page to page, there will be drastic shifts in visual style and page structure. As a result, each page of the final comic will feel like a track on a mixtape rather than a scene in a movie.

The closest page to completion is sub-subtitled "The Grzzly Kids". During our interview, Grzz told me all sorts of great stories about getting into criminal mischief with his pals in Alaska. I wanted to invoke some child like whimsy while getting across some kind of dark tales, so I decided to do a story in a similar visual style to the Muppet Babies, with a twist of MAD magazine.   

I got the whole page penciled and started ink on a piece of bristol board, then I decided to go with watercolor paper instead and I started over. No worries, because the new piece is way better and well worth the delay. And it's definitely going to get some dope colors on it. I'm thinking vibrant and tonal, maybe some purple/red border work.