"The Bear Dream" and Moving Forward

"The Bear Dream" is a piece which has been gestating in my head for a long time, but only came to fruition recently. It is my first illustrated expression of the challenges of sexual and gender identity. I am posting it today as an artist and straight man in support of the LGBTEtc community.

It is often a difficult thing for us to admit or even acknowledge the struggles we face on the path to self-actualization, especially when those struggles are so personal and intimate as sexuality. The process, however, is a universal component of the human sexual experience.

I am grateful that I had a safe and supportive environment in which to wrestle with these questions and I am glad for the answers I found; it is relatively easy to be a straight man, I have an amazing girlfriend, and gay sex sounds highly uncomfortable to me. I am also glad for all of my friends who found their own truths and embraced them, regardless of societal challenges or the potentially physically traumatic nature of coupling.  

I also present this piece as the relaunch of this website. I acquired this domain 2 years ago as part of a deliberate effort to grow my capacity to create and distribute my art. In that time, it has taken several shapes- from digital portfolio to culture blog. This afternoon, I will be sharing another new piece which will expose the plan for the immediate future in an exciting way. 

Thanks for reading, and please have a happy and safe Pride celebration.