Hey Bad Ass

I had this nagging idea following me around all day. It wasn't a lightning bolt of an idea, it was a cloud on the horizon.  It glazed over my eyes and rang in my ears and I could smell it. It kept nudging me in the side and whispering in my ear and it fucked up my whole day because I knew it was good. So I had to illustrate it just to get rid of it. 

I'm calling out badasses. Artists, athletes, writers, performers, poets, actors, musicians, makers, doers, hustlers- anyone who is badass enough to hold their own guts in their hands and stand in front of the world and say "Check 'em out".

I want to sit down with them for a beer, or go for a walk, or watch them in action. I want to meet badasses on their turf in their element. I want to talk art and inspiration and aspirations. I want to see their fireworks and smell their gun powder and say "I like your guts". Then I want to find something of theirs that I can steal and take back to my turf.

My turf is an 11"x17" piece of bristol board. That's where I go to show my guts. 

Action Steps: 

-Interview 6 badasses in the next 12 weeks. 

-From each interview, extract a 1-3 page comic and publish online at www.CheckThisOutBabe.com every other Thursday. 

-Create supplementary material for each interview in a variety of media. 

Hey Badass.