Will Oregon be the 3rd state in the nation to legalize it?

(CNN) - A citizen-led petition to place legalization of recreational marijuana on the November ballot in Oregon obtained enough signatures, making the Beaver State the next place pot could be legally sold, bought and consumed.

They turned it back in 2012 but with all of the success of legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, it's time for the Beaver State to go Greener than ever before. Exciting for 2 reasons:

1. Portland is a weird fucking place already and if this passes, it will instantly be the top marijuana tourism destination city in the country. Denver is a cool town and their's nothing wrong with Seattle, but if I want to get out-of-my-mind blazed in public for a weekend, Portland is where I'd do it. No small coincidence...

2. Portland has some of the best shaker joints in the country. I'm not shitting you, either. Miami, Houston, Vegas- all pretenders to the throne. They might have more hookers on stage or fancier lighting effects, but Portland is the spot. The clubs up there aren't just a shitty light show in a grimy parking lot on the bad side of town. They cater to their audience of weirdo Portland people. Dv8 Gentleman's Club would be an awesome bar even if it wasn't full of naked chicks and the Acropolis is a top notch steak house for fucks sake. A steak house that is full of naked hipster pin-up chicks. Why's that even matter? Because now when I wear sweat pants to a strip club, I'll fit in with all of the stoners instead of just looking like a creep.