S.D.C.C. Day 1 Round Up

Comic Con is now officially up and running and we've got a lot of great shit coming out of San Diego just from the preview day. 

First and foremost, Batman's cowl is dope. No 2 ways about it. WB is going to have an unusual amount of reveals to deal with long before we even get a trailer for Batman v Superman and a good look at Batman's iconic costume was definitely one of the most important. Between this and the first pictures we saw, they seem to be nailing it. They're definitely going much more Frank Miller in the design, which I'm happy to see. Nolan's Batman got more and more tactical/para-military throughout the series and Snyder is going in the other direction, giving the Detective a suit that's much more suited to his martial arts skill and super-sleuthing, which has been criminally over looked in virtually every live-action incarnation of Batman since the Adam West TV show. Sooner or later (maybe this weekend) they're going to have to give us a look at Wonder Woman and the big challenge has go to be Aquaman- who has traditionally had arguably the worst look of any mainstream character.

It's weird to think that at this point, I'm genuinely more excited for an Antman movie than I am for DC's expanded film universe launch. Marvel dropped this SDCC exclusive poster for Antman and beyond the fantastic artwork, it also gives us a pretty good sense of what to expect. Paul Rudd is a reluctant hero, Michael Douglas is a morally-ambiguous villain and Antman is going to have adventures. That sounds simple but it's all you need. This is a classic sci-fi adventure movie, in the vein of "Fantastic Voyage" and "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".  It's a great new paradigm for adventure for Marvel to play with too. They've done a great job of putting their heroes in a variety of settings and genres and kept raising the stakes without just making bad guys that can punch even harder than the old bad guys. I'm a little concerned that "Age of Ultron" is going to give us a lot of robot fighting sequences that have been done to death in the Ironman series but it's hard to not have faith in Feige et al at this point. Either way, I'm stoked to see Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas jousting on flying ant-steeds and possibly floating in a bowl of cereal and trying to not get eaten.

The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey got slipped in to our weekend of otherwise exciting news like a dry thumb in the keister and I'm only including it here because this piece of shit is bound to occupy a huge amount of attention in the media for the foreseeable future. Fuck this movie. The trailer looks like they were really reaching back to the inspiration material (Twilight, seriously) except they felt compelled to turn down the enthusiastic, passionate acting chops of Kristen Stewart.