Holy shit I can't believe it's only Wednesday.

I hit the net Monday morning ready to crank up a real productive week of blogging. Daily blog content is consistently one of my top goals for this site and one of my biggest struggles too. But I also want to keep a strong brand identity. I want fans and readers of this site to get a consistent stream of blogs, essays, illustrations, and ideas that are fun, easy, and at least somewhat uplifting. Not world changing shit, but maybe day changing shit or at least mood changing shit. 

But the front end of this week was bad news stacked on bad news. More garbage in Iraq and Israel/Palestine. The Christy Mack story is too horrific to get into, so much so that I feel gross even mentioning it. I've got no interest in throwing in my opinion on Tony Stewart, or even having an opinion on Tony Stewart for that matter. ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a good thing, but it just hits one of those buttons that annoys the shit out of me I guess and I don't really want to be that cynical. Then Robin Williams, and we all threw in the towel on this shitty week by Monday afternoon. 

So no tributes from CTOB and certainly no petty squabbling or word policing or shocking alternative perspectives-- because believe me that shit is coming down the net today. Some half-famous asshole is going to say something dumb on Twitter or some council on something is going to want to examine our cultural reaction and shame us for it. Some other desperate blogger is going to say something with a tinge of truth that hits close to home, but still feels ugly and uncomfortable. But it won't be this desperate blogger. 

This desperate blogger is posting his favorite YouTube video, making a quick run to Starbucks, then posting a new illustration at lunch time. Check it out, it'll make you laugh.