This Week's News: WAY BETTER than last week's news.

I don't know what happened first, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge or the incident in Ferguson. But I know that they came into my world via news blogs and social media at about the same time and they somehow marked the start of a very dark week for the internet.

Last Weeks news:

I know the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a good thing (now that it's over) but the worst part of it--for me-- was the day or 2 toward the beginning when I found myself saying "Am I the only one that kind of hates this?" Thankfully, the petty objections of others have been fully asserted and my petty objections would be redundant.

Then Ferguson was (and continues to be) a total fuckshow. I've got nothing to say about it. Best of luck to all involved. Stay safe, stay cool. 

Ukraine vs Russia; Israel vs Palestine. Nukes on nukes. My dad always told me that most fights involve at least two assholes. Fuck all you guys.    

ISIS. This is outright super-villainy. You couldn't look or be any more evil than ISIS if you tried. They look like an evil organization, they have the name of an evil organization, and they do evil things in a fairly organized manner. I'm calling a spade a spade and I'm saying ISIS is an evil fucking organization. And now the news is full of reports that the Navy SEALS and the Brittish SAS are teaming up to go after these scumbags. If Frank Miller wrote an adaptation of GI Joe, you'd have Navy SEALS vs ISIS.

And also- Robin Williams died. Did you see the tribute video? 

This Weeks News:

Then, at some point toward the end of last week, I started to hear about Taylor Swifts new video. It was allegedly controversial in a way which I can't recall. Because before I could even get that pleasant lollipop silliness stuck in my head, this happened:

Whoa! What?! Wait… what the fuck?! That is porn. Straight up pornography. I'm not mad about it either. I wish there was more porn in mainstream media. But more importantly, it's a fucking hornets nest of provocative conversation and a honeypot for new-media news outlets. This is all we need to talk about for a couple of days. Watch it again, maybe you'll find something new in there. Did you notice that she is glamorizing drug dealers in the songs lyrics? That's worth talking about. Is there a feminist message in there somewhere? Is there a racial conversation? Blog about it.

Katy Perry also brought a homeless person to the show.

Katy Perry also brought a homeless person to the show.

And then Miley Cyrus took a homeless kid to the Mtv Video Music Awards, except he was handsome and able-bodied and there was something fishy about it. The whole story is silly and delightful. But it's to raise awareness of a terrible situation, so we mustn't be crass and mock it, right? I posit that we live in a "Post Ice Bucket Challenge World" in which people are allowed to be as indulgently self-congratulatory as they want, as long as it is at the very least done to "raise awareness" for a cause. 

"Don't cry for me, Hollywood."

"Don't cry for me, Hollywood."

Let us all be perfectly clear that Miley is definitely aware that she is on camera here. And also...

...get a fucking job, Handsome.

And then there were the Emmy's. I didn't watch them, but it looked pleasant and I saw on Twitter that the guy from Breaking Bad kissed Elaine, and it was news. 

Then today, even more news happened. Instagram dropped a new app. It's called Hyperlapse, and it's dope. It stabilizes the camera on your phone allowing for long, steady shots which can easily be sped up to create beautiful time lapse videos. This was previously only possible with expensive equipment, now it's free and the creative possibilities have been wracking my mind all afternoon. 

The title of this blog could have been "This Week's News: Beautiful people did charming things and there was a tremendous technological advancement which will now cause a surge of lovely videos to appear on your Facebook wall", but I also find brevity pleasant.

We'll keep you updated if more news happens anytime soon.