Quest for the Best: Durban Poison (1/4)

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, the Yeti will be enjoying this strain in a variety of settings and activities in an attempt to find the perfect smoke- a bud that can be enjoyed equally anytime, anywhere. This is report 1 of 4 on Durban Poison.

Session 1: Wake and Bake

It's a crucial test for any strain and a sensible jump-off point for a review.  Maybe "sensible" isn't the best word to describe smoking dope at 8:30 in the morning, but it's the best I got.

8:15am: I roll out of bed and have a quick glance at my to-do list for the day. It is pretty short and filled almost exclusively with creative efforts. There is a light fog outside and I quickly realize that today is a solid indoor day. There is obviously a critical situational factor involved in a good wake and bake and we seem to be well situated. 

8:25am: The buds are forrest green with some fine, pale orange-brown fibers; fluffy with a generous dusting of trichromes.  Smells earthy with some pine, and a little bit of grape. There is a slight, distant chemical odor. The hit from my water-pipe is smooth and mellow, though a bit flavorless. 

8:45am: A bit spacey and easily distracted. I start making the bed twice before getting distracted and wandering off each time. I finally get it on the third pass, but quickly notice a lump under the covers that I believe is my boxer shorts (frequently discarded in the wee hours). "I'll put those in the laundry basket later."

9:07am: I'm still feeling pretty groggy and disoriented, but I suppose that's to be expected when you take bong rips for breakfast.

9:18am: In my body, I can feel physical tiredness. I typically wake up with achey feet and a stiff shoulder, and the Durban Poison hasn't provided much relief. My brain is moving quickly and I can't quite seem to catch a continuous thread.

A cup of coffee will do me good. It's time to get to work, and I've brought my sketchbook to Another Cafe to get warmed up for the day. 

9:26am: I am upbeat, sociable, pleasant and present as I order my coffee. I'm having a hard time thinking in a straight line but it doesn't harm my social skills in the least and I don't have any of the social anxiety that comes easily when one is fully baked before morning rush hour has concluded. I imagine that I am charmingly stoned, but I might just be obliviously stoned. Either way, it works for me.

The caffeine interacts nicely with the weed in my system and I quickly get on a creative roll. The Durban Poison is certainly mentally stimulating but it doesn't seem to support linear thinking, or perhaps my early morning brain just wasn't ready for it. My page quickly fills with notes, thoughts, ideas, agenda items, action steps, and a variety of doodles. Eventually, it falls into a rhythm. I decide to start an illustration for this review and work out the piece below:

We'll drop in some ink and color in the next few days and have it ready to go for the final review.

10:40am: Really easy finish. The groggy feeling is fully caffeinated away and I am fully engaged artistically. The first 20 minutes or so were an unpleasant cacophony of thoughts and impulses but once I let go and settled in to the high, Durban Poison proved a potent creative and intellectual spark that didn't leave me sleepy or listless as the high dissipated. 

I am curious to see how my fully caffeinated brain will experience the strain. Perhaps tomorrow we'll see how it treats some household chores. 

Today's scorecard:

I am curious to see how my fully caffeinated brain will experience the strain. Perhaps tomorrow we'll see how it treats some household chores.