Check it out babe. 

 "Sam Merica" has been gestating as a character and a story for a long while. He's a hyper-reality hero who lives in the world as MSNBC and FOXNews describe it.

The main characters are Republican/Conservative archetypes as Rachel Maddow might describe them. 

Sam Merica is a freedom fighter and a broad chested jingoist blowhard.  

Special Agent Tits Tenderly is his secret lover and secretary.

Uncle Lumpy is his mechanic. He is a shell-shocked hillbilly who fondles blind teenagers. 

 North American Man Boy is Sam's trusty, do-right sidekick. He is also a blind teenager.

I've mapped out a 14 page comic for him, which is going to be the next big comic project I undertake (once Rock Stone is done).  

I've got some more items to post up here soon. I've enjoyed sketching out his rogues gallery, which are all of the minority boogey-men that Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge have been warning us about.