The Yeti is an 8 foot tall, 7 hundred pound carnivorous blogger who is covered in coarse, green fur. 

He started blogging to make some extra income, having recently relocated to San Francisco from the woods of Humboldt County, following the aggressive gentrification of his semi-mythical realm. He used to live in a spooky old cave, but the landlord jacked the rent up and he had to move out. Now it's a gastropub. His best friend was an old warlock who lived in a swampy glenn, but it got turned into a fancy cupcake shop. And there was a troll that lived on a craggy hillock, but now it's a dog washing boutique. So the Yeti moved to San Francisco and got himself a job working in the marijuana industry, and a part time job as a blogger for

He has a medical referral for acute anxiety, but also utilizes cannabis  on a regular basis as a holistic nutritional/lifestyle supplement for general wellness, as well as for recreational purposes. His favorite strains are Jack Herer and Red Congolese and he strongly prefers joints above all other smoking methods.