Sad Tom (our piece-of-shit intern) ran the blog feed while we were on vacation for a few months, and he almost ran the site into the ground. 

We were able to regain control of the blog feed after a lengthy legal battle and corporate embargo. As part of the settlement, we agreed that we would not fire Sad Tom, and he agreed that he would stop spitting in my coffee. Today, I made him make 500 photo copies of a piece of paper which only said "FUCK YOU" on it, then I made him shred every single one of them. Hopefully, that will help him get past his unreasonable disdain for me. 

Sad Tom's blog posts are preserved here. To quote Shakespeare: "Bare witness to history, lest ye be damned to repeateth it."

You can also follow Sad Tom on Twitter if you'd like, but I strongly recommend against it.