Hi, my name is Bo McGee. I'm the Illustrator-in-Chief of CheckThisOutBabe.com. 

One of the central tenets of CTOB is to explore the storytelling potential of new media. Of particular interest to us is the Transmedia concept, particularly in it's storytelling application. "Explore the storytelling potential of new media". Transmedia is a big new concept and I'm not sure it's been fully nailed down yet, but it's huge and it's coming so let's try to identify it a bit more clearly. 

What is Transmedia Storytelling?

Transmedia Storytelling occurs when multiple media silos coalesce into a single narrative effort.

Transmedia happens anywhere that technology creates an opportunity to share information, ideas, stories, outside of the pre-existing boundaries of conventional media. Usually involves at least 3 media silo's, with a degree of interactivity. Also, the medium must be inherently linked to the storytelling experience. Here at CTOB, we're storytellers so we mostly discuss it in that context. 

Coalescence is important. As an illustrator, I always say that the medium is more than just words and pictures. There has to be a relationship between them which tells a story and has a purpose. For instance, look at this piece that demonstrates words and pictures working together:

It's the native medium of the internet. Static media becomes dynamic. 

Let's look at a few good examples. Open these up




ILLUSTRATION When the song ends, I'm going to move on. 

Check out this Comic I did. Tale of 2 Pirates maybe. Why? Because I'm onboarding you. It's part of my #IllustrationADay project. It's a bit transmedia. Transmedia has a really interesting place in comics.

Who is doing transmedia storytelling?


Lizzie Bennett diaries. Components of meta-reality here, which is common in Transmedia, for a good reason. 

Instagram novel


WWE is being dragged kicking and screaming into it. Kayfabed reality. Sad Tom.

Why should you care?

It's coming. It's a higher degree of interactivity. Complain about it all you want, but the internet is here and it's not leaving. People want to use more than one device at the time, so let them.